Consultancy - Project-based - Interim Management

TroviSolvon tailor-made advice

Main themes:

- Food safety legislation for packaging materials (FCM) and packaging articles (FCA), for various materials intended to come into contact with food.
- Drawing up a "Declaration Of Conformity" (DCO) in accordance with EU guidlines, and a "FDA declaration",
for food packaging materials and articles throughout the packaging supply chain.
- Selection of a quality management system (QMS) adapted to your organization and customer demands.
- Risk analysis in the context of the food safety quality management system for packaging and contact surfaces.
- Hygiene process of reusable food packaging for intermediate and final packaging, among other things: crates, trays, IBC, plastic pallets.
- Hygienic design in the context of cleanability of packaging, cleaning equipment and production areas.
- Cleaning equipment, cleaning and disinfectant suppliers, and processes for food packaging.
- Benchmarking and purchase guidance for cleaning products and disinfectants and associated services.
- Outsourcing of internal cleaning tasks for intermediate packaging and transport packaging.